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No there is no cost. The dental Webinars of Merimna Institute are Free. There is absolutely no charge at all levels of use (watching live webinar, subscribing and reading full content). For this reason you will never be asked by the website to provide personal billing information.

Certificate of attendance for Webinars organized by Merimna Institute is received by e-mail no later than 15 days after the completion of the online Webinar. The sending e-mail is what you stated during your registration.

Your registration is required to secure the copyright of the content of the publications and the reproduction of the content of the publications, as provided by international law.

You can attend the Online Webinar from any Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or mobile device.

The personal data collected by this website is never disclosed to third parties (with the exception where provided by law to the competent authorities only), but their personal character is preserved. The of Merimna Institute maintains files with this information exclusively for communication and information purposes.

If you do not have audio and video while watching the webinar you should check your internet connection, which needs to be at least 2Mbps or close and reopen the webinar application.

The re-broadcast of the webinar is available up to 15 days after its live broadcast and an email is sent to you with the follow-up link. After the expiration of this time limit the re-broadcast is available through our website as long as there is the agreed acceptance by the instructors of the seminar.

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