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Is there a financial cost to using the site?
On all usage levels (live webinar, registration and reading of all content) there is no charge. For this reason, you will never be prompted by the site to declare personal billing information.

Why do I need to sign up for my site?
Your registration on the site is necessary to ensure the copyrigh of the publication’s content, as provided for by international law.

How do I receive the Webinar tracking certificate?
The certificate is received by email for up to 1 month after the completion of the online seminar. The sending e-mail is what you stated when you enrolled in the seminar.

Which devices do I have the ability to watch a live Webinar?
The Online Seminar can be watched by any Desktop, Laptop, Tablet or mobile device.

Can my personal information be used or made available to third parties?
The personal data collected by the website are never disclosed to third parties (except where provided for by law to the competent authorities) but their personal character is preserved. The of the Merimba Institute maintains records with these data solely for communication and information purposes.

During the Webinar I have no sound or picture. Why;
If you do not have audio and video while watching webinar, you need to check your internet connection, which needs to be at least 2Mbps, or close and reopen the webinar application.

I did not watch the live broadcast of the webinar, can I watch it now?
The webinar recording is available up to 15 days after its live broadcast. After this time, recording is available through our site if there is consistent acceptance from the seminar trainers.