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Webinar Guide

What are the Steps to Join in a Webinar?

The required procedure is simple and includes the following steps:

1. Register for a Webinar

Firstly, choose the webinar, you want to watch, follow the registration link and fill out your personal details. Your personal details are necessary for the participation in the seminar and must be completed authoritatively in order to receive the confirmation e-mail and at the end of the webinar any Certificate of Attendance-with or without certified- CPD hours. By clicking “Register” a participation is booked for you for the Online Seminar and all the necessary details are sent to your E-mail.

2. Inbox Messages

After your registration, you will receive an e-mail with helpful information about the seminar, the exact date and hour of the Webinar, as well as the watching link.

3. Watching Link

If you had already watched a Webinar from our Website, you have just to follow the link Join Webinar. Otherwise you have to follow the link Join Webinar and automatically to install the Webinar’s software in your device, by clicking the link which you will see on the bottom left of your screen. Before the beginning of Webinar, you will receive 3 reminder e-mails. The first 1 week, second 1 day, and third 1 hour prior the beginning of the Webinar.

4. Webinar Attendance

The procedure is over, the control panel is already opened on the right of your screen and you are ready to watch the Webinar. During the presentation, participants can submit their questions and queries via text chat, and there is the possibility to submit their questions via audio and video, by using the camera and microphone of their watching device.

We recommend you connect to the ADSL Internet of a rate of at least 4Mbps and use headphones, which does not mean that it cannot be monitored without them.

You can join in our Webinar from any watching device (Desktop, Laptop, T0ablet, Mobile). Following the Watching Link, you have to install the Free Application for each device.

To download the program or application and find relevant information about the compatibility of your system, please follow the link:
Webinar’s Software

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