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“Fit Check” all of your cases – Take charge of your quality control before you seat your case. (Prosthetics)
Gerard Cuomo DDS
Everyone knows that dentistry is not an “exact science.” That being said, where do you draw the line regarding fit of your lab work. Do you simply trust that your lab is operating at 100% quality control? Whose level of quality control? I highly recommend that you at least purchase a stereo zoom microscope that can be mounted to a countertop in your office. “Fit checking” all of your cases under a microcope after they come back from your lab, will give you the opportunity to send the case back for further adjustments. You could be faced with making these adjustments directly in the mouth wasting your time, your money, as well as the patient’s time. For years I’ve struggled with inconsistencies related to lab work. I had to finally “grab the bull by the horns” and you can too. Simply purchase a microscope and watch my video on fit checking. I will be happy to give you the microscope information that you will need to make the right purchase.

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