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As. Prof. Anastasios Grigoriadis

As. Prof. Anastasios Grigoriadis

As. Prof. Anastasios Grigoriadis

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Anastasios Grigoriadis works as an Assistant Professor, Prosthodontist, and the Head of the Unit of Oral Rehabilitation, at Karolinska Institutet, Sweden. Dr. Grigoriadis graduated in Odontology in 2008 and received his Ph.D. in medicine in 2014 from Karolinska Institutet. Dr. Grigoriadis received his specialist training in Prosthodontics from Karolinska Institutet/Eastman Institutet, Stockholm in 2015. He currently heads his research group at the Unit of Oral Rehabilitation and conducts research within the field of orofacial neurosciences and oral rehabilitation procedures. His research in general deals with the neural mechanisms related to biting and chewing behavior in humans. The specific focus is on basic somatosensory and motor mechanisms of the masticatory system. The knowledge acquired is directly implemented in the clinical practice to optimize oral rehabilitation procedures. Dr. Grigoriadis serves as an associated editor in Frontiers of Dental Medicine and Scientific Reports and has authored several publications and contributed to textbook chapters.

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