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Dr Mark Bowes

Dr. Mark Bowes

Dr Mark Bowes

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Dr Mark Bowes is the co-founder and clinical director of Enamel Clinic, specialising in Advanced Restorative and Aesthetic Dentistry. He is also Co-founder of Trust Consulting, along with his wife, Helen Bowes.
Dr Bowes is a World DSD Master and Instructor, and pioneered the development of DSD in South Africa.
He takes a leading role in many esteemed dental organisations, dedicated to the development of Dentistry, on local and international levels, and is a global ambassador for empowerment and outreach organizations. He is the founder of SAAAD and DDS South Africa, and also serves as KOL for numerous influential dental companies.
Mark continues to play an instrumental role in the development of dentistry in South Africa, which has earned him a well-respected position in the field, globally. He serves as a mentor and inspiration to many dentists, both young and experienced.

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