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Mark Cronshaw


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Dental surgeon with 36 years’ experience. One of the UK’s principal oral laser educators and an International laser trainer/educator. Within the past 36 months he has taught in Barcelona, Norway, South Africa, Russia (Moscow), Bulgaria, California, Mumbai, Seoul as well as extensively throughout the UK. His postgraduate studies have been gained principally in the USA particularly under the guidance of Dr John Kois. He was appointed to the professorial faculty of the prestigious University of Genoa in 2014 as a professorial faculty member. His goal is to further the development of a firm evidence base for oral laser applications and to promote the safe and effective use of lasers for oral applications by the International dental community. He is engaged in active research and wishes to see every dentist and surgeon Worldwide discover the massive benefits of laser and phototherapy.

Within the past 24 months he has presented at the WALT meeting at Nice on orthodontic aspects of PBM. He has published nine evidence-based papers and is actively engaged in current research into aspects of PBM dose and delivery. Most recently he has been accepted as a postgraduate student at DeMontfort University Leicester under the guidance of Prof Martin Grootveld. In addition, his research at Birmingham University is current and progressing to plan with a number of further research papers in preparation. He is a co- director of his own training company Dental Laser Training Academy Ltd with Prof Steven Parker.

Specialties: Laser dentistry; occlusion/TMD; CAD-CAM (cerec); holistic and minimally invasive dentistry.

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