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New surgical procedures for root coverage

Speaker: Dr. Javier Rojas, DDS, MSc. Periodontist | Language: English | Powered by Gr.Pro.S

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Date: November, 2018 | 20:00 – 21:30 Greece Time
Language: English
Duration: 1 Hour and 30 Minutes
Speaker: Dr. Javier Rojas DDS, MSc. Periodontist
Organizing by: Gr.Pro.S

We will see how to reduce the surgical time for root coverage procedures and how to use cyanoacrylate to stabilize flaps and connective tissue grafts

Dr. Javier Rojas
DDS, MSc. Periodontist (Private Practice in Chile)
Fellow in Implantology
Johannes Gutenberg University, Germany
2011-2016: Professor in Periodontology, Conservative Department. University of Chile


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