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Speaker: Waleed M. Elshahawy Associate Professor & Course Director of Fixed Prosthodontics
Faculty of Dentistry Tanta University

Esthetic demand from patients continues to increase. Smile esthetics is not only important for patients as a matter of esthetics but extends to have a psychological benefit that could be life changing for many patients. The search for smile esthetic treatments has persisted in the routine of fixed prosthodontic professionals. Smile esthetics has main three components; teeth, gingiva, and lips. Nowadays, indirect ceramic veneers present the first class clinical conservative modality for dental and smile esthetics. In recent years, Botox and dermal fillers have made their way into dentistry for both esthetic and therapeutic reasons. They are fast becoming an integral part of everyday dental prosthetic practice. They are here to stay and with more and more uses. The lecture will make a spot on that esthetic combination of ceramic veneers modality and Botox/Fillers modality. The lecture will also give answers for some questions of controversy regarding that. It is time to broaden our horizons as a profession and use all of the tools available.